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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

University student Cole Starkman creates PPE supply business

Cole Starkman started an E-commerce venture called 'PPE On Demand' which supplies items like face masks, hand sanitizers, and face shields. is a Canadian based store supplying Health Canada approved PPE all over the country. All our products are tested by medical experts. They provide top quality masks, hand sanitizer and all your other PPE needs to keep people safe. He set up a delivery system and website with the help of his friends and fellow university students. This personal protective equipment (PPEs) business is first started under Starkman and his friends accompany.

  • July 21, 2020

Ainsley Stapleton, a 17-year-old dog trainer takes business online

A 17-year-old dog trainer, Ainsley Stapleton is the founder of Universal Canines where she teaches dogs and their owners, different abilities and tricks. Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic she had to stop her course as most of her clients fell under the high-risk category. The online courses turned out to be a smash hit. Throughout three five-week classes, Universal Canine trained 129 clients through the internet and social media. Despite the success of the digital business, Stapleton still looks forward to the day she can see her clients, and their cute dogs, face-to-face. When asked about her patience teaching motivation she said that she does prefer in-person teaching for sure and she misses her students as this is something which also depends upon body language. The teen even said that it's harder for her to communicate that online versus in person where she can physically show them what she is trying to tell. In June Stapleton created a Facebook group called Universal Canine All Stars. People can post videos of their dogs completing tasks and tricks. Stapleton reviews the dog’s accomplishments and, for a fee, will register the dog to be titled. The good doggos also receive ribbons in the mail for their good work. Despite only being open a few weeks ago, Universal Canine All Stars already has more than 700 likes on Facebook, and Stapleton has handed out 200 ribbons. she said that she is going to resume offline classes from September but she wants to keep her online classes available. Her passion and love for dogs didn't let her give up. Instead, she moved her classes online.

  • July 20, 2020

Charles De'Luckfield, College Dropout makes $10000 per month selling Dog Safety Belts

Charles De'Luckfield, an average school student struggling to fit in now make $10000 per month selling Dog Safety Belts. After observing how pet parents love to pamper their dogs he came up with an idea to sell similar products online. Charles has now dropped out of college to put all his focus on the online business. Here is the complete story of Charles: Like almost every kid Charles is an average student in school. In 2019 he was living a luxury, he even earned $300,000 for a month by selling dog belts. But Charles went through so much that a teenager couldn't dream off. He developed the thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur ever since he is young. He has a habit of reading success stories. Charles after high school joined a part-time job and at the same time, he loses $1000 for his first business. He was depressed and thought of quitting. Then he learnt e-commerce. He finally decided to do business on a thing that is on high demand. Charles found that pet parents were very fond of making their dogs feel good with the belts. He then decided to keep the dog belt shop. Charles said that he doesn't know much about Facebook advertisement and all. But now that helped him to increase his business.

  • July 16, 2020

Teen entrepreneur Hallie Thompson started Wholesome Hal’s, a healthy food stand

Last summer teen entrepreneur Hallie Thompson started Wholesome Hal’s, a healthy food stand at the Great Falls Farmers Market, selling smoothie bowls, protein balls and banana bread. Wholesome Hal’s is an eco-friendly business. Hallie Thompson says that Her mission is to take care of yourself and take care of the planet. Hallie Thompson said. “I want to inspire people to be conscious about what they’re buying and how it’s going to affect not only them but the planet.” Her timings for selling smoothie bowls are on Mondays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the corner of 7th Avenue South and 25th Street.

  • July 10, 2020

Anish Parmar 19-Year-old teen entrepreneur inspired many teenagers across the world

From dropping out of college and the traditional educational system at only 18 years old with no backup plan to being featured on the BBC & ITV, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed & more at 19 years old; Anish’s journey as a young entrepreneur has inspired many teenagers across the world to actively pursue their dreams and have an interest in online entrepreneurship and financial freedom. Anish Parmar is a 19-year-old teen who showed that one can pursue success through hard work and dedication. Anish started his entrepreneurial life at the age of 18 by dropping out of college. Back then at an age of 16, Anish started earning around £60 from scratch. He earned by investing in pure scratch. Anish is not a very good student. His grades were not good at all. After grades fell he has two options in his plate which are quite difficult to choose for any teen. Either to retake the educational course and score well to join into his desired course or to quit studies and enter into the world of business. He went through business and now he is making many profits from his ventures. At an age of 19, Anish is mentioned by many top-rated news channels and websites like BBC, ITV, yahoo news, Buzz feed etc. Anish has 30,000 followers on Instagram, he is expecting 70,000 till this year-end. The teen started his first venture in June 2020 called "Distribute PR". He owns another brand called " Ansta Social". Distribute PR is a full-service creative agency which shows the power of public relations, viral marketing, graphic design for publicity. His other brand "Ansta Social" is an educational platform. Anish is in plans to expand his ventures more rapidly. The successful teen entrepreneur says that Seeing the bigger picture and being an honest and moral entrepreneur is the key to longevity and survival in the business world.

  • July 10, 2020

Ballan teen entrepreneur Keeley Murphy wins prestigious Diana Award

Keeley has been recognized 'for going above and beyond in her daily life to create and sustain positive change'. Teen entrepreneur Keeley Murphy is the founder of Teenage charity. Keeley's Cause provides iPads to children with autism and an intellectual disability, enabling them to personalise their education and improve their communication and interaction. Keeley is a 16-year-old Australian recipient for the United Kingdom-based awards. She named the charity as Keeley's Cause at an age of 13. That makes you think. Keeley made this as a charity and distributed iPads for children diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. Keeley said that they distributed 100 iPads worth $60,000. She said that she made the money from various sources like a business, doing works and fundraising. Keeley is the "change-maker" that this generation kid should learn about her ideas and work on them. Keeley's cause founder shared an incident where a boy's parent showed them the result of his son after receiving an iPad. she said that The boy's result is very good and he could able to identify the pictures through them and able to talk through it. Keeley said that this is an initiative that she wanted to do something good for children like her.

  • July 7, 2020

Teenage entrepreneur Denney O’Connell and younger brother Frankie set up Boys on Bikes

A thriving new bike repair company in Bermondsey with a clutch of five-star reviews has been set up by two enterprising teenage entrepreneurs. Bike-mad Denney O’Connell (15) and younger brother Frankie (14) set up Boys on Bikes, or BOB for short, from their family home in Jamaica Road. They asked their sister Sydney for a loan for their startup. Their sister Sydney said that she found the fire in the brothers to get into a business which they like more and helped them. The bike enthusiastic brother duo was very fond of bikes and fixing them. They are getting outstanding reviews from everywhere. One could call them as BOB Boys on Bikes. The name also looks as interesting as their field. This is a challenging field as the work is all about bikes and repairing them. The duo found themselves very genuine and dedicated in bikes and that made the roots up to their bran. Denny wants to become a football player while the other brother in duo Frankie wants to become a game designer. Sometimes the customers would come to them and some times they would go to the customers.

  • July 7, 2020

Trey Brown, a teen entrepreneur and CEO of SPERGO, a lifestyle clothing brand

Trey Brown, a teen entrepreneur who turns 14 in December, is CEO of SPERGO, a lifestyle clothing brand focused on empowering and inspiring people to pursue their ambitions. Launched in 2018, his brand has been worn all over the country and sported by celebrities like Meek Mill, Diddy, and Tierra Whack. Trey Brown is a 13-year-old teen entrepreneur and also CEO of SPERGO. He became quite famous as famous icons like Meek Mill, Diddy and Terra Whack wore his brand in 2018. This teen's journey is quite inspiring. He all started at $178 and now his business became worth $10,000. An investment management firm called Invesco placed his business story on a giant digital billboard in Times square. That's a great journey for any teen. Trey Brown said that their brands are very unique and different and outstanding quality when compared to other entrepreneurial brands. And that's what it make difference. One can see his website online which shows you different brands and unique clothes. When he was asked about his growth Trey Brown said that he will spend all the profits from the previous week to buy this week products. He won't give up in quality.

  • July 7, 2020

Hardik Bhatia, 22, a final-year student entrepreneur from Dubai, SolarGridX

Hardik Bhatia, 22, a final-year student entrepreneur at the Dubai branch of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, and two of his college friends, the company is looking to transform the industry. SolarGridX plans to raise $250,000 for its crowdfunding platform, which invests in solar projects in India. Hardik Bhatia is an early investor in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. When asked about business details and plans Hardik said that "Last year, global solar asset financing stood at around $120 billion. Only around $3bn was contributed by the general public. The rest was contributed by big corporations or the government, ” He feels that the adoption of solar energy cannot continue without access to a broader range of funding sources. Hardik bhati along with his two friends established SolarGridX. Hardik is very confident about his project and states that the world will mostly depend on solar energy after 2023. And mostly places like India which is the second-most populous country in the world need to be purified. Hardik says that this one better idea suits to the present situation.

  • July 7, 2020

John a young entrepreneur sells LGBTQ+ merch online

John Nierva a young entrepreneur and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. John says that the day his heart found it's another half he wanted to say people that love wins by wearing a couple of shirts. He wanted to sell LGBTQ+ couple shirts so that LGBTQ+ couples can be recognized. Just a senior high student when he first started, John brought the idea to his parents, who helped him set up the business by using their printing and merchandising resources to create the colourful and striking couple shirts for sale. After completing senior high school he is paying his fee for his studies in STI college in Caloocan. John is now a second-year student of information technology. Vaklang store has allowed John to support causes he believes in, particularly causes that go toward the LGBTQ+ community. As an information technology student, John is currently working for an app. This app helps Filipinos manages their time.

  • July 7, 2020
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