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Teenager Startups - Meet college dropout Charles DeLuckfield making 100k a month

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Charles De'Luckfield

Charles De'Luckfield, College Dropout makes $10000 per month selling Dog Safety Belts

Charles De'Luckfield
Image Credit: Latestly

Entrepreneur Name: Charles De'Luckfield, (Age: 21)

Business Name: Dog Safety Belts

Charles De'Luckfield, an average school student struggling to fit in now make $10000 per month selling Dog Safety Belts. After observing how pet parents love to pamper their dogs he came up with an idea to sell similar products online. Charles has now dropped out of college to put all his focus on the online business. Here is the complete story of Charles: Like almost every kid Charles is an average student in school. In 2019 he was living a luxury, he even earned $300,000 for a month by selling dog belts. But Charles went through so much that a teenager couldn't dream off. He developed the thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur ever since he is young. He has a habit of reading success stories. Charles after high school joined a part-time job and at the same time, he loses $1000 for his first business. He was depressed and thought of quitting. Then he learnt e-commerce. He finally decided to do business on a thing that is on high demand. Charles found that pet parents were very fond of making their dogs feel good with the belts. He then decided to keep the dog belt shop. Charles said that he doesn't know much about Facebook advertisement and all. But now that helped him to increase his business.

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