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Teenager Startups - Endorsements

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Photo of Cristina Dolan

I think Teenager Startups is brilliant. There are no 30-year careers for them and they will have to be entrepreneurs in every field they choose.

Cristina Dolan

Photo of Marina Fernandez Julian

Imagine companies infused with bright minds. Fresh attitude , hungry to learn and solution based young adults who are not scare to try new things and innovate. TEENAGER STARTUPS IS a great opportunity that benefits both the teenagers and the company who support them.

Marina Fernandez Julian

Executive Coach, NLP trainer
Marina zest for life
Photo of Ibrahim Asar

TeenagerStartups is the most brilliant Idea i have ever seen , trying to put the right pieces in the right places by pushing and guiding the teens to be the next effective pipeline for Startups and SMEs is magnificent .

Ibrahim Asar

Incubation Manager
EBNI Incubator

We are creating a new interconnected world for teenage entrepreneurs to network with fellow members, cultivate innovations, apply for funding, access entrepreneurship education, join local chapters, share expertise, and solve challenges, and more. We are super excited about young entrepreneurs who are applying solutions to real-world problems, producing thriving businesses, and pivoting the world to the future.

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