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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

Teenage entrepreneur Denney O’Connell and younger brother Frankie set up Boys on Bikes

A thriving new bike repair company in Bermondsey with a clutch of five-star reviews has been set up by two enterprising teenage entrepreneurs. Bike-mad Denney O’Connell (15) and younger brother Frankie (14) set up Boys on Bikes, or BOB for short, from their family home in Jamaica Road. They asked their sister Sydney for a loan for their startup. Their sister Sydney said that she found the fire in the brothers to get into a business which they like more and helped them. The bike enthusiastic brother duo was very fond of bikes and fixing them. They are getting outstanding reviews from everywhere. One could call them as BOB Boys on Bikes. The name also looks as interesting as their field. This is a challenging field as the work is all about bikes and repairing them. The duo found themselves very genuine and dedicated in bikes and that made the roots up to their bran. Denny wants to become a football player while the other brother in duo Frankie wants to become a game designer. Sometimes the customers would come to them and some times they would go to the customers.

  • July 7, 2020

Teenpreneur Charlotte Gusman from Bury St Edmunds selling her cruelty-free products

Charlotte Gusman, a 17-year-old sixth form student has been keeping especially busy while in lockdown – by starting her own lipgloss business and has been overwhelmed by the response to her cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products. Charlotte Gusman is a sixth form student started her page of entrepreneurship during the covid time. Charlotte Gusman started that she is very obsessed with cosmetics and especially with lipgloss. She then started doing business with lipgloss with different flavours. When she was asked about her belief on the business she said they only import high-quality products to make lipgloss from the UK. Charlotte said that there are five lipglosses currently in her range – Flutter, Lavender Fields, Goddess, Diamond and Princess – each one containing coconut oil and vitamin E which can help restore moisture and keep lips looking and feeling hydrated. Charlotte is against cruelty so she went through vegan type. When asked about her hectic schedule and her management Charlotte said that she is very thankful for her friends and family who helped her a lot. Charlotte also said that her business is increasing rapidly because of the quality.

  • July 5, 2020

Millfield School student in final of national entrepreneur competition

The 17-year-old lower sixth student from Ilminster, Somerset, who is one round away from securing a £5,000 investment for his sustainable cycling business concept, CogNativeBikes, will take part in a Dragons’ Den-style pitch chaired by Peter Jones CBE, and a network of celebrated business figures. The Millfield student "Ailbe Bartlett" who is one amongst the finalist. Alibe Bartlett is studying the course BTEC in Millfield school. The 17-year-old teen provides second-hand servicing and repair business that gives retro bikes new life. The teen made "upcycling" videos on social media as a foundation for his marketing. When he was asked about the idea of entering such business, Alibe Bartlett said that he loves bikes. He found himself as a bike lover and repairer. Alibe Bartlett also said that it hurts so much when bike doesn't behave the way we want. To make others journey smooth Alibe decided to come into this field. Now he is selected for the biggest award that a teen entrepreneur could dream of.

  • July 4, 2020

Bihar Entrepreneur Shubham Kumar, 20 board of directors of multiple companies

Shubham hails from Bihar and was born on May 25, 2000. His inclination towards the business world since he was a kid was because of his father Mr Rajeev Kumar, a popular name in Bihar as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist. The companies where he is on the list of the board of directors are Sumud Healthcare Private Limited, Vistas Jewellers Private Limited, Shree Gopal Motors, Shree Gopal Auto Private Limited, and Rajeev Tradecomm Private Limited. Shubham inherited the business tricks and ethics from his father who is already engaged in multiple businesses. His father owns a college and school in Bihar. Shubham Kumar did his schooling in Dwaraka. He was born and raised in Bihar. His father is himself an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Shubham is studying BBA3 in the continent from Amity University, Noida. Shubham is so intelligent and multi-tasking that he works under about ten to fifteen companies at a very young age. Shubham is fascinated in trading and invests in the stock market and cryptocurrencies.

  • July 4, 2020

Harshita Jain from American Embassy School, New Delhi proud founder of Necessiteas

Hailing from the family who owns the KLJ Chemicals, Harshita grew up listening to business plans, strategies and finances. Her grandfather, who started the company, is her role model of entrepreneurship. Harshith Jain would go to the USA with her family for vacation every summer with her grandparents settled there. she enjoyed the endless cuppas of Bubble Tea or Boba available at many outlets across the country among others. Bubble Tea is a famous beverage. It was invented around the 1980s in Taiwan. She used to love Bubble Tea and she used to miss it when coming to India. Then she realized that there are even more Bubble Tea lovers in India. She wanted to make a stall that has strong Bubble Tea. Last year at an age of 16, Harshita Jain, founded Necessities. Sh studies in American Embassy School in New Delhi. Necessities- is a destination for quality Bubble Tea in the national capital. When asked about the experience of getting to the world of business she said that their dinner conversations will be more on business as their family background is completely business based. She said that she imports the necessary goods like tea powder and coffee powder all away from Taiwan because the quality is vital to point any business. She is getting good reviews all away and getting developed business. Harshita is a perfect example of age is a just number in entrepreneurial life.

  • July 2, 2020

Rustington teenager Alba Braham starts soap business to support school World Challenge trip

While some of the teens were busy in making their schedule to enjoy in lockdown some were doing productive things. Alba Braham is one of the entrepreneurs who expected to schedule her entry into the entrepreneur life before lockdown but the pandemic came like a storm.

Alba got to know that now she cannot achieve it easily. But after a great hard work, she designed a website where she can screen her soaps. She got more than 180 views in the starting day.

Her mum, Jodie Braham said: “My daughter was tasked with raising £2,550 for the trip. She was feeling shy about asking people to donate money to her cause, so she wanted to make something to give them in exchange for their donations.” Her mother also added that she got 25 orders in the first week and 60 were sold out. She took the help of his father for hosting website and did the design and build of the website herself. Aer mother also said that she did all of the product development, manufacturing, marketing, website, payment processing, packaging and shipping herself. She even said that her daughter wants to donate an amount to the people living in their beside community who cannot afford those.

Her soaps were packed under eco-friendly principles. Before corona, she decided to expand her business if ever do by going out to customers. Or even guessed chances of getting customers. But this pandemic hit the world and she worried a bit at first. But now she is making good profits.

  • July 2, 2020

Avinash Mada started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing IG Accelerator

Avinash Manda is a 19-year-old teen who chased his passion, changed his hobby into an income and made his place in top IG Influencers in India. Avinash is from Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. He is currently, pursuing his B. Tech in Computer Engineering from Lovely Professional University (LPU), which is quite famous among the universities India. Avinash is a social media expert, who is renowned for his killer Instagram skills. The students at an age of him could probably engage into doing fun things and having unnecessary chats, but this teenager has already started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing IG Accelerator and keeps himself busy helping his clients earn more organic followers and likes on Instagram.

As said before it all began as a hobby for him, a few years ago, he had created an Instagram memes page for which he started getting a good response with a consistently expanding follower-base. Soon, brands and companies started approaching him to promote their products or services through his Instagram Page and offered good money. He established his start-up business IG Accelerators, and generated over a crore in revenues in the last 10 months, which is an astonishing feat for such a yin fact, he has an app the eared on the list of top Indian Instagram influencers too.

Within merely six months of starting, he found his way to earning a 6-figure income through Instagram. He has helped one of his clients to generate 100K dollars revenue and 90K followers in just four months. Avinash said that his source of motivation is the notion that each day is a new day to learn something new, grow and succeed. He had always loved to beat his records. It's extremely gratifying to challenge himself and enjoy the rewards of success. He lives each day as though it would be the last day of his life and strive to achieve greater heights so that he can leave behind a legacy. That's something that makes today's teens think and motivate them.

  • July 2, 2020

Reece and his mom, Maura, founded Reece’s Homemade Doggie Treats

In 2016, Reece and his mom, Maura, founded Reece’s Homemade Doggie Treats: all-natural grain-free dog treats that the two create and bake at home. Four years later, the business continues to grow. Reece Devine, in addition to the routines of teens like homework, friends and also an internship he had business in his hand to run. Reece is an animal lover and he says that he thought about treats for other animals as well. He said that he made changes in the business to flourish the business. Grain-free treats, dairy-and-grain-free treats are offered. Reece has also added CBD treats to his line, which he said has helped many fur babies walk better, be less stressed, and have overall improved wellbeing. Prices range from $8 to $15 per bag offering a generous amount of treats, available for small and larger dogs.

  • July 2, 2020

Sanroy D’Sousa's Aquila Sports Management, with an aim to contribute to the growth of Goan and Indian football

At 18, he has already initiated his player representation agency, Aquila Sports Management, to contribute to the growth of Goan and Indian football. If you were to find yourself in any local match in and around Goa, there’s a high chance you would run into one of the youngest and sharpest minds in the Indian football fraternity. Sanroy D’Sousa is not your usual college teenager. “Football has been my passion from childhood,” reveals Sanroy in an exclusive interaction with The Bridge when asked about the reason he decided to start an agency. “I follow Indian football as well as European and global football but Indian football has a special place in my heart.” He said that he has been in this field for around two years since then he has been in touch with many club officials and always looked to build a good rapport. He figured it would be the ideal time for him to start his own company to help young players establish themselves and step up the career ladder.

  • July 2, 2020

Philadelphia 19-year-old Justin Rink with autism overcoming obstacles to become an entrepreneur

Justin Rink, being an autistic started a business with help of his close ones. The 19-year-old teen is autistic and he found happiness in doing mowing and edging yards. He said that he has seen other people doing it and he thought that the number of people they got he thought he could make a lot of money doing this. When he was doing that in his garden, Justin Rink's neighbour Chris Bird found that Rink has an excellent skill in doing so. It all started with two or three lawns. Now it became into a business with good publicity, T-shirts, business cards and all other things. Chris Bird's son is also autistic. He said that he found his son in Justin and that's what made Chris encourage Justin. He posted the video of Justin mowing and edging which got a good response. These days your publicity and work distribution is in your hands when it comes to small startups.

Yes, social media platforms!! He got a good response. Two to three lawns were the beginning of his business and now it became JMR landscapes which are making Rink earn money. You can find it on the internet. Chris Bird said that he wanted to do for Justin to show a son his idol and make his son like Justin to achieve something and that's great. Rink says his business has grown so rapidly in one month he’s now up to 15 customers. Rink is making good number with his business.

  • July 1, 2020
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