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Teenager Startups - Curated News

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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

At just 12, Avaiyia is already the founder of two innovative food brands

Avaiyia Rae Cottle a 12-year-old teen entrepreneur owns two brands of her own. Avaiyia is from a business family. Her elder sister and mother were already engaged with their respective brands. It is not that Avaiyia didn't face any difficulties because of her sister and mother. The two brands that the teen has in her hand and rule over are "The Kookie Kid" and "Rae Rae's vegan sauces". She is still establishing her thing in the business world. Black people should go through many difficulties unlike others who are willing to do something says the teen from Leeds in Northern England. Avaiyia makes handpainted, crafted, designed cookies. She even makes cookies featuring every style. She is quite famous now with her brand. The teen got a very good response and positive feedback from the customers. She is willing to develop her brands immensely and prove herself. Avaiyia is from a family of businesswomen!! She was inspired by her elder sister Leilani and her mum Renee. They went through so many difficulties at the beginning when they decided to do business. Despite all, they owned their brands. Love storm cakes brand is owned by Renee and Love storm cupcakes brand is owned by Leilani which is probably a baby business inspired by parents. Now Avaiyia had responsibility for two brands. Her sister and mother say that they won't help Avaiyia at any situation in case of work because she has to do it on her own so to face difficulties and become more strong to hold her brands.

  • July 30, 2020

Teen entrepreneur Ben Richlin makes money selling balloon creations.

Ben Richlin runs his own business, Ben's Balloon Animals where he installs Balloon creation, an art he learned from his mother. Richlin completes 2-3 installations every day for a range of events including graduation, baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays. Let's look into his story. Been Richlin is a 14-year-old teenager entrepreneur who set up business on balloon artworks and creating various balloon forms that are quite lovely. Been participated in Doyle Stown Art festival and free lighting. Ben had a keen interest in making money as a teenager and to depend on no one but himself. Ben didn't have an idea or practice over other things. He learnt balloon work from his mother. Ben's mother dated a guy from whom she learnt and made Ben learnt. Ben creates balloon arts for decoration and parties when he gets orders. He named it as "Ben's balloon animals". Ben made an 8-foot wolverine balloon for his receptionist birthday the biggest balloon art he made till now and believes that it's the best. Ben launched this business at a very young age. Ben introduced his side of an entrepreneur through Facebook to people in 2018. His Facebook family increased to 700 members. This teen expresses that he is just doing it for now but he wants to become an ophthalmologist and study more.

  • July 29, 2020

Jordi van der Meijden founded Klusmet with his friend to combat loneliness in elderly and help them with everyday jobs

KlusmetPlus is a social platform in the Netherlands which connects elderly people with youngsters who are willing to do chores while earning a little pocket money. KlusmetPlus has more than 180 youngsters who are able to work for at least three hours a week doing activities like shopping, painting, cleaning, and gardening.

  • July 26, 2020

Julian Willner co-founded Pickar, a digital study consultant to help you chose the right major

Julian started his entrepreneurial activities at the age of 15. The Kairos fellow says that he founded many high schools completed students were in a dilemma of selecting their respective ways to get into the right college. Julian co-founded Pickar after finishing high school in 2018 when he realized that many students struggle to decide on a suitable major. Pickar is like digital consultant which helps students find suitable major at fitting colleges through a test which measures 18 different dimensions of one's personality. When he is asked about his first entrepreneurial experience, Julian said that he turned into an entrepreneur while training for triathlons. He even said that at a very young age he started his life as an entrepreneur by selling his bike with a 50% profit. At an age of 18, he started reselling old bikes after fine-tuning them. He made 20,000 euros from that. It is a really great thing for a new entrepreneur and yes he succeeded. In 2018, Julian found how students were undergoing a lot of dilemma in selecting the future course and don't have confidence if they choose some random course in a random college. Julian then co-founded Pickart a tool that helps to match students with the right degree and right university. He said that Kairos is a family and through the supportiveness of Kairos he can build/co-found Pickart. This teen participated in the 2019 Kairos Europe Summit in Venice. Julian says that in 2021 they would be the biggest digital education consultant and introduce their platform to every student in the country.

  • July 26, 2020

Timmo Timmi, co-founder of 99Math raised 500K from top Estonian investors for edtech app

Timo Timmi Co-founded 99Math in 2018. 99Math is a math solving platform that helps students from grade first to sixth deal with Math, a subject often found difficult by many people. He thinks that if math were as engaging as games students would excel in problem-solving skills. 99Math is a Tallian based ed-tech startup. Timmo Timmi is a 19-year-old recent high school graduate who is the co-founder of the app. The app allows students, teachers to use it. It solves problems pf mathematics between first and sixth grades. Maths is one of the main subjects and the subject which more students feel scared off. The app allows students to participate in online maths games. they will have participated virtually. A mobile device and wi-fi are all they need. 99Math also conducts online tests for the students. The app is free to use. Around 30,000 students participate in esports style math league of 99Math,

  • July 25, 2020

Fabienne Overbeek, a 19-year-old sells cards which can grow into plants

Videos of all the rainforests being cutdown triggered Fabienne to look for a solution. She came up with the idea of Grow A Wish cards. These greeting cards contain seed which then turns them into basil plant, a forget me not or summer flowers. She started designing cards for different occasions and sells them online.

  • July 25, 2020

This 18-year-old teen entrepreneur is nicknamed 'The Machine' by his peers for his busy schedule

Nils Reichardt co-founded Share zone with two of his friends which helps students and teachers keep a tab on everything that happens in school. Along with that he trains seven times a week and is a part of FC Schalke 04 athletics team, all this while maintaining high grades. This sometimes leaves him with merely four hours of sleep. Nils Reichardt is an 18-year-old teen who is ruling with three S's. They are School, Startup and Sports. Nils Reichardt is from Dusseldorf Germany. He won 11,000 around six months ago. His friends call Nils as "The machine". Nils have a hectic time table starting from 4 in the morning till midnight. He is now also working for the startup which he is developing concepts and financial plans. The app is called share zone. This is not the first startup on which Nils is working on. He participated in " startup Teens" competition in 2018. He took training in programming at ana he if 14. Share zone is a place where students and teachers are allowed to share their work. Nils Reichardt is training for athletics. He is taking training of seven days in a week. Nils is participating in F. Schalke 04 athletics team. Nils Reichardt is having a very busy day he has it every day. His grades are so good.

  • July 24, 2020

College Fund Coffee is a teenage startup helping Max to raise money for college

Max Legere, a grade 11 student started College Fund Coffee, a coffee stand. He wanted to make his college fund and help some local charities with fundraising. You'll find this teen entrepreneur behind the stand selling coffee every Sunday. They recently started selling branded merchandise too. Legere started the first market in May 2019. He is having plans to increase the market. Coincidentally Max Legere started his first market during his school's exam season. Legere wants to engage completely into the business and develop it. But Legere is also busy with his studies. During this covid times, Legere is having online classes that don't interfere with business. Legere has a younger sister who could potentially take over college fund coffee while he's at university. He raised fund to several trusts. He donated a $5500 to TRC(Teen Resource Centre).

  • July 22, 2020

Tanvi Arvind,14-year-old teen entrepreneur established TechEdEn to help tech-challenged senior citizens

TechEdEn a teenage startup helps senior citizens get in touch with technology. Tanvi Arvind a teen entrepreneur from Chennai came up with this idea when she saw her grandparents struggling with basic technology. She takes in-person sessions at her client's place and is planning to introduce telephone support and online support in upcoming years. Tanvi Aravind is an 11th-grade student of sishya school Chennai India. She established TechEdEn in 2019 to teach the technically weak people. This is especially for elderly people who don't know how to access the internet and use it for easiness. The Chennai girl says that she is hoping to Educate and Enable Tech for Tech-challenged people. She with a limited team of members will tutor the elderly people. Tanvi charges 500 rupees for an hour session individually and an amount of 300 rupees for an apartment complex. Tanvi started with on-site services as planned for the first year, with a lean set-up. By going to clients’ place ‘in-person’ as a ‘tutor’, she has taught and hand-held 68 seniors, about 25 per cent of whom were paranoid about getting started and connecting to the digital world, by helping them overcome their fear and inhibitions. She says that knowing how to surf the internet is one thing that every person in this generation should know and make their lives easier. She helps elderly people how to use Uber/ola for travel, Swiggy for food, Zoom for meetings, installation of Instagram, Pinterest etc. She earned 28,400 in her first year and says she will give an online service from the third year

  • July 21, 2020

6-year-old Kid entrepreneur from Arizona is the CEO of Creations by Nicholas

An adorable 6-year-old, Nicholas Bubeck launched his business Creations By Nicholas when his mom told him to get creative during the pandemic. He sells crafts planes and DIY kits on his website which he set up with the help of his mother. Along with entrepreneurial skills, he also has a big heart. He donates a dollar from each sale to a charity. When he was asked about the idea of starting this business the kid said it's his mother who encouraged him and said to start a business in this coronavirus period. His mom gave him pieces of papers from which he made art crafts using his creative brain. He even gives money to charities. Each dollar from a plane is given to charity. When he was asked about establishing a company he said that his mother helped him in creating a website and he even pays his little brothers for the pictures which one can find on his website.

  • July 21, 2020
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