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Teenager Startups - Curated News

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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

Pura Cosmetics, a lip care brand started by Rose Dyson has a turnover of £100,000 a year

Rose Dyson started eco-friendly lip care brand, Pura Cosmetics when she was just 15 as a part of high school completion with just £25. Now six year later her company has a turnover of more than £100,000 a year.

She was always an active kid and liked to participate in all kind of competitions no matter how geeky they sound. That was surely helpful in her case. At the start, she marketed her product using social media and local fairs to set up funding. She won various awards gaining higher investments.

While forming the brand she researched a lot about different formulas for lip care products and contacted various companies for advice. Her products start at £3.99. Her company also provides plastic-free packaging.

Dyson decided not to go to college and focus on her business.

  • Dec. 17, 2020

Teen named Trailblazer at GirlBoss Awards

The GirlBoss Awards, honour girls and women aged 11-18 and work towards empowering women in New Zealand. This year Gina Dao-McLay’s won the Trailblazer award at the 2020 GirlBoss Awards for her "Make it 16" campaign. She was one of the eight winners.

Young people nowadays are surrounded by media and are aware of the many issues their generation would face in future. That's why Gina believes that voting rights should be given to students aged 16 as the decisions made today are going to affect them the most.

While campaigning Gina always had a doubt about entering politics, she answered it with "If not me, then who?"

  • Dec. 17, 2020

Wiseper aims to address the lack of reliable information

Mirzae co-founded Wiseper in 2019 which aims to tackle the problem of misinformation. It is a social platform with an artificial intelligence component that enables users to collaboratively build context and resources around a topic. It covers topics related to health, finance, vaccine, social media, etc. It will help us check the facts and provide us with reliable information

Mirzae is selected for Fall 2020 Launchpad fellowship program. It includes a $5,000 grant and 8 weeks of entrepreneurial resources, mentoring, and support. She thins its a great way to connect to like-minded successful companies and entrepreneurs and learn from their success and failures.

  • Dec. 17, 2020

Boost Innovation Company connects entrepreneurs and small businesses with advisers in various industries

Wisnosky along with his school friend Matthew Linehan co-founded Boost Innovation Company when Wisnosky’s summer internship got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It connects industry experts with budding entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Users can schedule their appointment with their advisors every two weeks who are matched based on their skills, timelines and stages. Advisors are paid directly by the users according to the duration of the meeting and advisors can choose their own rates.

They want to partner with colleges and universities and connect student entrepreneur with teachers in the future and reduce the fees. Currently, the average rate for an hour is $200.

  • Dec. 17, 2020

Frsico teen Gurnoor Narula wins top 10 entrepreneur prize

Groundify, founded by Gurnur Narula won first place in top ten entrepreneur award in the 12th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) Saunders Scholars Competition. Groundify makes products like facial scrubs and candles using spent coffee grounds and sells them online.

They won a cash prize of $5,000 and $30,000 in scholarships.

  • Dec. 17, 2020

PointGenie a student led startup provide visitor analytics to business owners

Eric Azcona is a passionate entrepreneur. In 2003 he founded his first company which focused on selling mobile phone and satellite internet services. It was acquired before he moved to the united states. This first startup set the ground for his entrepreneurial career.

Azcona came up with the idea of PointGenie when he was on a trip to New York City with his brother. On returning he started PointGenie using his own funding. It is a software tool that uses machine learning to provide visitor analytics to business owners of all industries, including retail.

The PointGenie tea is currently planning its expansion as a mobile application giving them the ability to drive even more meaningful insights to business owners.

Eric Azcona is pursuing undergraduate in Information technology at FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS). He is proving that you can pursue your career and study at the same time.

  • Dec. 17, 2020

St Albert teen starts Baking Business during pandemic.

What are you doing when you were 16? Probably having fun with friends, playing games and chatting with friends!! If you are so concerned then you could continue doing good in class and get good grades. This teen who is just 16-year-old girl made her hobby into the passion of business. St. Albert teenager is turning her passion for baking from a pandemic pastime to small business success. Fonseca is the teen we are talking about till now. A Valeria Fonseca,16, began baking last spring after COVID-19 closed the door on everyday life and making good profits. She started her entrepreneurship page in the giant business world during a pandemic.

She grew her passion into a business. She also works with her mother crafting and helps her mother in delivering their tasty treats. What's Valeria's role in the business? What does she do? She takes the "She takes the orders, she's on Facebook, her mother is always with her helping for writing, to tell the customer she has to take, to sell. Catherine, Valeria's mother helps her a lot in the whole process. She was the one who promoted the business by posting her daughter's works on a St. Albert chat group, and the "Val Cakes" have been selling strong ever since. Valeria was born with Down syndrome, has found her passion. Her mother also said that "I know in the future she can continue with her dream." Valeria is saving her earnings and says she plans to spend some of it on new dresses.

  • Dec. 14, 2020

Future brew battles against food waste by making beer from leftover bread bear

While reading some articles Dimitris understood how massive is the problem of food waste, more research showed that more than half of it was bread waste. While looking for solutions Dimitri found that he could make beer from leftover bread.

So Dimitri the company, Future brew and pitched the idea to investors at the University of Southampton. Chris Broad, former Apple Director of Sales Contracting and Andrew Doe, founder of, offered £20,000 towards development.

Future Brew uses surplus bread collected from local supermarkets to make the beer. With every canned beer you save more than 100g of CO2 emission from being emitted to the atmosphere. They started with a pale ale called The Stag and now sale a pale ale called ‘Dough Dough’. The stag sold out within a day and a half in their university.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the company also stepped up to help some of those most in need. They sold mystery bags of food that would be thrown away by local supermarkets.

  • Dec. 14, 2020

Viral tiktok video sold out the entire inventory of Cedarville University student

Wikrent, a senior professional writing and information design student at Cedarville University from an hour outside of Chicago started Beloved Priceless at the end of 2019. It started first as a hobby, but when her friends were interested in buying her handmade earrings and necklaces, it turned into a business. One video she posted in July got more than 50,000 views. The one that got millions of views and sold out her entire inventory was posted in September. For that video, she followed a TikTok trend for creators where she contrasted photos of what people think of when it comes to polymer clay jewellery, versus what she makes.

She was not expecting that at all. It was very unexpected, So she didn’t have everything in stock, it was all more like made to order stuff. Because she was able to make it super quick and then send it out. Wikrent said she got more than 300 orders and sold more than 500 earrings in about a month. She also said that her friends helped her a lot in the time when she had a crazy order line and she enjoyed it. Wikrent said since she is a student and there is a pandemic going on, the best way for her to sell her jewellery is online. Wikrent said she primarily markets her business on Instagram but uses Pinterest, TikTok and Facebook too. Sarah Gump also helped Wikrent in the process. Sarah Gump, manager of digital and social media at Cedarville University, said anyone starting a business in 2020 should know how to market their product on social media. Wikrent said she’s been able to donate around $1,000 to Mission of Hope this year.

She is currently working on a collaboration collection of earrings with Mission of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment Program. The program helps equip victims of abuse with business skills or educational skills, Wikrent said. “My tagline is celebrating the beauty and value of every individual,” Wikrent said. “Everyone is loved and valued because they’re made in the image of God.”

  • Dec. 14, 2020

Having struggled with dyslexia Matthias Yong embraced metalworking as both a creative outlet and his livelihood

Stainless steel is one of the most common metals found in households so it’s far from being glamorous but Matthias believes that there’s much more that can be done with this metal. He started his company Baremetalco, out of his admiration for bare metals. One can say that passion for metals is in his blood. His father started Make Yield a firm that specializes in stainless steel. Matthias picked up his skills while working in his dad’s company.

He has struggled with dyslexia in childhood. Young embraced metalworking as both a creative outlet and his livelihood. His father Mathew Yong, started a firm that specialises in stainless steel fabrication in 1992. Yong was often roped into helping out at the factory during his teenage years.

Baremetalco makes products according to customer’s design. Matthias calls himself a bridge between designer and metal fabricator. They mainly focus on custom made products. But plans to start their range of furniture collections designed and fabricated by them to sell directly to consumers.

Matthias plans to convert part of the factory space into a creative hub for designers and students to create and develop their designs as a part of giving back to society. When asked about his inspiration on taking this job, he said his father used to take unusual jobs like metal sculptures which are creative too. He wanted to offer a fresh new perspective on metal fabrication in Singapore and discovering the creative possibility of metals along the way. He said that they would focus on custom-made projects. The maker's spaces(where you can create by your own) only produce small-scale items with laser cutting and 3D printing.

  • Nov. 9, 2020
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