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Teenager Startups - Curated News

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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

13-Year-Old Boy Who Made Bow Ties to Help Animals Get Adopted Is Now Making Masks for Coronavirus

As Darius continues to make masks for frontline workers, the teen also disclosed on Instagram that he plans on visiting animal shelters over the summer if the coronavirus pandemic passes. “I felt so bad because I was supposed to visit 6 animal shelters in 3 states this week during my spring break (PAW-SOME Mission) but because of the pandemic everything is postponed until the summer hopefully if this is all over,” he wrote.

  • May 1, 2020

Kalen Johnson, 12, believes that he will become a millionaire by the age of 16

Since the launch of Kalen’s Exquisite Pieces, this dedicated kidpreneur has made his rounds at various marketplaces such as workshops, bazaars, and a children’s business fair at Germantown Presbyterian Church. “He’s so talented. He will not make two pieces alike. I’m so blessed to be his mom,” said Johnson, a single parent who likewise embraces the skill set of Kaleb, a computer gamer, and Kayla, a budding artist and future OBGYN.

  • April 27, 2020

Varun Goel's determination is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs

At just 19-years old, he made his first million rupees and grew his brand, Todayq tremendously. Pertinently, the website was originally started as a ‘Motivational Quotes’ website with meagre Rs. 300 by Varun but it was later transformed into one of the better finance sector companies that helps traders trade & invest in the right currencies by providing them with transparent & trustworthy services which is making Todayq stand out from the rest, Varun says.

  • April 27, 2020

Caleb Leitch, 13, provides lawn care services to his clients

"Mowing lawns is not going to increase the spread" of coronavirus, the teen posts at the Facebook page of his fledgling business, Caleb's Outdoor Services. "We work outside!" In addition to grass-cutting, "I can take care of small landscaping projects such as shrub trimming and mulch," he says. "We read the order, then we read it again and decided that lawns needed cutting, and our elderly and disabled clients needed help". "We mowed for 'free,' but accepted donations to a local food bank."

  • April 27, 2020

Hannah Weir, 13, is running for a National Award

When she was 10, Hannah donated £120 Christmas money to help her mum, Debi, set up the Moray School Bank – which provides school uniforms and warm winter clothing to young people across the region. Then in 2018, after seeing close-up the impact poverty can have on mental health, Hannah set up No Worries in Moray, a project aimed at helping children facing restrictions due to financial hardship. No Worries in Moray organises day trips for struggling families to attractions such as Landmark.

  • April 27, 2020

Seth Huggins, 14, turns his carving skills into a business venture

Seth Huggins, 14, said he has used his downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to level up his woodcarving hobby by venturing into chainsaw carving. “When I was 12, I started carving with hand tools and decided to step it up a notch with chainsaw carving,” said the Port Sydney resident. “I had been researching saws and related equipment, and decided to buy one at Muskoka Rent-All around March break.”

  • April 27, 2020

Zoe Oli, 8, uses her haircare business to donate masks to frontline healthcare workers

Beautiful Curly Me creates and sells dolls, hair care products and accessories. Zoe said she started the business because she didn't see enough dolls that looked like her in stores or online. Two years ago, when she launched her company, Beautiful Curly Me, she began donating 10% of all proceeds to literacy and empowerment organizations catering to young girls.Zoe has now added face masks to the mix. For every two masks purchased, she is donating one to a healthcare worker on the frontlines.

  • April 27, 2020

Kamaria, at 11 years old, created stationary that promotes equality

“When Kamaria saw that she could only find birthday decorations featuring white princesses, she didn’t just accept the status quo as her only option,” the Root said. “Like any visionary leader, she solved the problem by creating Brown Girls’ Stationery so that girls who look like her can see and celebrate themselves.” She is the creator of Brown Girls' Stationery, a company that seeks to put people of color on school supplies, books and backpacks.

  • April 23, 2020

Journalism Teenager Student helping in hospital cleaning during the pandemic

The hospital would be dirty without us. We might not be trained in things like CPR and saving lives in that way, but we do save lives in other ways. If I don’t clean the cubical that has just had [an infected patient] in, the next person… could potentially get it if we don’t clean correctly.

  • April 22, 2020

Teenpreneur's viral business of customizing sneakers

The kicks are the work of Vinnie Ducharme, 18, of Peabody, a recent high school graduate who runs a viral business customizing sneakers for celebrities out of his parents’ house in Groveland. He counts Internet stars, rappers, and an NBA player among his past clientele. Check out his website : His Instagram can be found here :

  • April 13, 2020
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