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Teenager Startups - Curated News

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Teenager Startups - Curated News

Curated News

Cynthia’s drink business gets Paypal grants

Cynthia started her fruit juice company way back in 2011. But it is just now in 2019 that she celebrated it when the first 300 cases of NIU flamingo arrived in New Jersey. The name 'NIU' came from the Hawaiian word for coconut.

NIU flamingo is available in various stores and restaurants from the past year. It also became available on the Amazon website earlier this year. NIU flamingo has a lower amount of sugar than similar products in the market which has made it possible to market it towards natural food retailers. But Cynthia is still trying to expand the brand reach by contacting retailers. She also plans to launch the second flavor- NIU Berry Blast later this fall and has three other flavors in mind.

NIU, a part of TALLS LLC which is the family's cooperation, received the PayPal empowerment grant of $10,000. Cynthia is not yet sure how she is going to use this grant but her mother says some of it will go towards marketing.

Cynthia also launched NIU merchandise on two months ago after several requests for them. Being reduced to just the online shop was the contributing factor for this she could focus more on the merchandise.

Cynthia plans to sell the company eventually in the future and study criminal justice at Pace University.

  • Sept. 22, 2020

From lemonade stand to Denver startup week Jack's journey is truly inspiring

At the age of 10, Jack Bonneau started a lemonade stand with his friends where he learnt his first lessons in entrepreneurship. Jack's stand got him on the national stage 'Shark Tank' where we get sharks to invest in our business by pitching our ideas. Even then Jack loves every opportunity he gets to present his business in front of experts as their feedback is valuable and it helps him grow as a leader.

Now at the age of 14, he is competing in the Denver Startup Week with his new business model 'Teen Hustl'. At Teen Hustl, they deliver basic household products using a scooter or bicycle. With not more than 6 employees, Jack run tries to deliver the products completely contactless. The employees deliver the products within a short range of their houses. People already know them and prefer to order from them rather than a random delivery person. Pandemic has only increased the popularity of this concept. He stocks up his Garage which he has converted into a makeshift Amazon locker with essential products from different stores.

Out of 18 participants in the Denver Startup Week, he is the only teen participant. He was chosen out of four young entrepreneurs to compete in this competition by Junior Achievement and Young Americans Bank.

By the end of September Jack wants to expand Team Hustl to Westminster and Louisville. He strongly believes that one should never give up any opportunity and try to grab as many as they can because one never know what experience each will bring.

  • Sept. 20, 2020

Payton feeds Scissortail park people by keeping things simple yet delicious

With an aim of passing on the startup culture to his future generations and teach his eldest son some skills, Payton's dad Richie helped his son start Metro Coneys, a hotdog stall in Scissortail park. Metro Coneys was started in January but when the COVID hit in March they had to take a break. Payton restarted the stall in late July and aims to keep it simple.

As the business demands outdoor presence Payton uses pre-packaged condiments so that he can single-handedly manage the store. He finds the manual labour part easy but keeping books is something he feels like a lesson. Richie feels that it is necessary to train Payton to run the business on his own.

For now, Richie pays for all the stocks so Payton doesn't get all the profits. But once he starts paying for the stocks he'll get all the profit and that will help him go to college and follow his dreams.

Metro Coneys is open Monday thru Friday from 11:00 am to 5 pm and even on evenings of Friday and Saturday in Scissortail park.

  • Sept. 15, 2020

Teenager Cameron Reardon turned his passion for insects into a thriving startup

Insect phobia is one of the most common phobia known. So the thought about starting a business out of raising and selling them seems too far fetched. But Cameron Reardon didn't just think about it but has successfully started this business and makes up to £5,000 a month.

Cameron was always passionate about insects. This David Attenborough fan started importing insects while he was in college. He stocks more than 100 different species at a time which includes a variety of crawlies like venomous spiders, scorpions, millipedes, giant land snails, and bird-eating spiders. The stock keeps changing from season to season.

He first used to keep them in his house but since the business took off after Cameron won a local bursary of £5,000 he now stores them at the end of his parents' garden in Llanelli, Wales in a chalet. This allowed his business to operate properly as Bug Box UK.

Currently the business is online and he takes orders through a website and delivers the shipment using a live animal method. He plans to open a shop soon and franchise out to the states.

  • Sept. 14, 2020

Dropped out of college Jeet went on to sell two of his companies and launch multiple e-commerce stores.

Unhappy with all the part-time jobs, Jeet Banerjee decided to pursue entrepreneurship. He started his first company, a multimedia agency while he was still in High School. After dropping out of college at the age of 18, he co-founded a tech startup in the education space. He went on to grow both these companies before selling them.

In 2018 he first heard about e-commerce. After studying more about it he launched several stores in this space. In the first six months, he lost over $10000 which led to disappointment. But rather than letting this setback be a barrier in his dream, he decided to study the approach of bigger brands like Nike and Amazon and apply those principals to his business. The idea worked and he was able to make over $30 million in just two years.

Jeet is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with fellow students and helping them start their ventures. To do this he founded 'The Income Incubator'. Through this platform, he guides students around the world on how to build a successful brand. Many of his students have started full-time businesses.

Jeet grabbed every opportunity which was thrown towards him. Along with being an entrepreneur and teacher, Jeet is also a TEDx speaker. Dreaming of being the next billionaire in the e-commerce space, his journey is truly inspiring.

  • Sept. 12, 2020

Student Entrepreneur, Michael Wang started PeerSquared a peer to peer tutoring Program

While in high school, Michael Wang with some of his friends started a peer tutoring club. PeerSquared provides K-12 students with accessible supplementary resources by helping schools and communities build peer tutoring programs where students can connect with trained local high schooler tutors for free 1-on-1 academic support. Michael adds When my first cofounder quit and left the startup a year ago, it really felt like a failure on my part. Even though I just won a large grant, perhaps it did nothing to vouch for my ability as a leader. But after many internal dialogs and calls with mentors, I learned that, sometimes, things really are not as complicated as we think they are inside our heads.

  • Sept. 9, 2020

14-year-old entrepreneur Simone Bridges travels across the country to spread the importance of 'STREAM'

Simone Bridges a baker, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and advocate for youth 'STREAM' travels across the country to inspire kids to follow their dreams. 'STREAM' stands for science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Bridges in her talks explain how important it is to incorporate STREAM in their everyday lives. Bridges is now working on a new television series where she will co-host a a show where she helps hand-picked kids on how to grow their existing business.

  • Sept. 5, 2020

Teen entrepreneur makes £250,000 profit in a dropshipping business

A 19-year-old teen entrepreneur, Famz is taking the dropshipping industry by storm. With a positive outlook and never give up attitude, Famz has achieved great success in his four years of journey as an entrepreneur. Famz did not want to report to somebody or work under anybody. And so his journey towards becoming a serial entrepreneur began. It’s been 4 years now and Famz has been a successful business owner and he is very happy. In this age where the teens and youth occupy themselves with video games, hangouts, clubbing and doing all the exciting things in life; FAMZ chose to spend his interesting teen phase developing a business plan.

  • Sept. 5, 2020

ProSingh's startup 'instaEASY LLC' is one of the best Instagram marketing tools

Parwinder Singh started his StartUp “instaEASY LLC” which helped thousands of Instagram accounts to grow over the years. Also known as ProSingh, he is an Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer, and social media influencer who began at the age of 13 to mark his presence in the business world and change people’s mindsets about what a teenager can do.

  • Sept. 1, 2020

These teen entrepreneurs will turn your backyard into a movie theatre

When movie theatres closed throughout the Peninsula due to the coronavirus pandemic, Connor Spackman and Danny Salinger-Brown decided to bring the movies straight to people's homes.

  • Aug. 30, 2020
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