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Teenager Startups - An inspiring entrepreneurial journey of a multi domain young indian entrepreneur Vedant Goel

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Vedant Goel

An Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of a Multi-Domain Young Indian Entrepreneur ‘Vedant Goel’

Vedant Goel
Image Credit: London Post

Entrepreneur Name: Vedant Goel

Business Name: Vedant is an angel investor & Managing Director of Neo Mega Steel and IPO Corner, India

Vedant Goel as a young entrepreneur from India created records and pages for himself in the world of business. Vedant entered the business world at an age of 16. Although two of his initial startups, StartupKafe and Media Expert, failed to accomplish his targets, he did not step back. Now he is an angel investor & Managing Director of Neo Mega Steel and IPO Corner. After failing in the first two startups he started "Hat Aadmi online" which he sold it after running successfully. He entered into "Limca Books of World Records" not just once but four times. Apart from his entrepreneurial life, he inspires a lot of youth in India. He is called "Water Data" as Vedant gathers 100 thousands of students for saving water and making 40,000-litre water saving. He is even showed off by top Indian channels like CNN News18 net and Republic India. For the support of OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), Vedant made "NEO Mega steel LLP". He is the managing director of the company. Vendant's company is one of the biggest brands in India. He launched IPO corner which is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Vedant Goel is making huge profits and became the most influential person for students.

Source (London Post):

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