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Teenager Startups - 17 year old teenager training dogs online

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Ainsley Stapleton

Ainsley Stapleton, a 17-year-old dog trainer takes business online

Ainsley Stapleton
Image Credit: Huddle

Entrepreneur Name: Ainsley Stapleton, (Age: 17)

Business Name: Universal Canine, East Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada

A 17-year-old dog trainer, Ainsley Stapleton is the founder of Universal Canines where she teaches dogs and their owners, different abilities and tricks. Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic she had to stop her course as most of her clients fell under the high-risk category. The online courses turned out to be a smash hit. Throughout three five-week classes, Universal Canine trained 129 clients through the internet and social media. Despite the success of the digital business, Stapleton still looks forward to the day she can see her clients, and their cute dogs, face-to-face. When asked about her patience teaching motivation she said that she does prefer in-person teaching for sure and she misses her students as this is something which also depends upon body language. The teen even said that it's harder for her to communicate that online versus in person where she can physically show them what she is trying to tell. In June Stapleton created a Facebook group called Universal Canine All Stars. People can post videos of their dogs completing tasks and tricks. Stapleton reviews the dog’s accomplishments and, for a fee, will register the dog to be titled. The good doggos also receive ribbons in the mail for their good work. Despite only being open a few weeks ago, Universal Canine All Stars already has more than 700 likes on Facebook, and Stapleton has handed out 200 ribbons. she said that she is going to resume offline classes from September but she wants to keep her online classes available. Her passion and love for dogs didn't let her give up. Instead, she moved her classes online.

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