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Teenager Startups - Bermondsey brother's bike repair business takes off with glowing reviews

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Denney O’Connell and Frankie

Teenage entrepreneur Denney O’Connell and younger brother Frankie set up Boys on Bikes

Denney O’Connell and Frankie
Image Credit: Southwark News

Entrepreneur Name: Denney O’Connell and Frankie, (Age: 15)

Business Name: Boys on Bikes, Bermondsey, London

A thriving new bike repair company in Bermondsey with a clutch of five-star reviews has been set up by two enterprising teenage entrepreneurs. Bike-mad Denney O’Connell (15) and younger brother Frankie (14) set up Boys on Bikes, or BOB for short, from their family home in Jamaica Road. They asked their sister Sydney for a loan for their startup. Their sister Sydney said that she found the fire in the brothers to get into a business which they like more and helped them. The bike enthusiastic brother duo was very fond of bikes and fixing them. They are getting outstanding reviews from everywhere. One could call them as BOB Boys on Bikes. The name also looks as interesting as their field. This is a challenging field as the work is all about bikes and repairing them. The duo found themselves very genuine and dedicated in bikes and that made the roots up to their bran. Denny wants to become a football player while the other brother in duo Frankie wants to become a game designer. Sometimes the customers would come to them and some times they would go to the customers.

Source (Southwark News):

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