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Teenager Startups - Meet 19-year-old serial entrepreneur Anish Parmar

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Anish Parmar

Anish Parmar 19-Year-old teen entrepreneur inspired many teenagers across the world

Anish Parmar
Image Credit: Forbes India

Entrepreneur Name: Anish Parmar, (Age: 19)

Business Name: Distriibute PR, India

From dropping out of college and the traditional educational system at only 18 years old with no backup plan to being featured on the BBC & ITV, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed & more at 19 years old; Anish’s journey as a young entrepreneur has inspired many teenagers across the world to actively pursue their dreams and have an interest in online entrepreneurship and financial freedom. Anish Parmar is a 19-year-old teen who showed that one can pursue success through hard work and dedication. Anish started his entrepreneurial life at the age of 18 by dropping out of college. Back then at an age of 16, Anish started earning around £60 from scratch. He earned by investing in pure scratch. Anish is not a very good student. His grades were not good at all. After grades fell he has two options in his plate which are quite difficult to choose for any teen. Either to retake the educational course and score well to join into his desired course or to quit studies and enter into the world of business. He went through business and now he is making many profits from his ventures. At an age of 19, Anish is mentioned by many top-rated news channels and websites like BBC, ITV, yahoo news, Buzz feed etc. Anish has 30,000 followers on Instagram, he is expecting 70,000 till this year-end. The teen started his first venture in June 2020 called "Distribute PR". He owns another brand called " Ansta Social". Distribute PR is a full-service creative agency which shows the power of public relations, viral marketing, graphic design for publicity. His other brand "Ansta Social" is an educational platform. Anish is in plans to expand his ventures more rapidly. The successful teen entrepreneur says that Seeing the bigger picture and being an honest and moral entrepreneur is the key to longevity and survival in the business world.

Source (Forbes India):

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