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Trey Brown

Trey Brown, a teen entrepreneur and CEO of SPERGO, a lifestyle clothing brand

Trey Brown
Image Credit: Philadelphia

Entrepreneur Name: Trey Brown, (Age: 14)

Business Name: SPERGO, Washington D.C., USA

Trey Brown, a teen entrepreneur who turns 14 in December, is CEO of SPERGO, a lifestyle clothing brand focused on empowering and inspiring people to pursue their ambitions. Launched in 2018, his brand has been worn all over the country and sported by celebrities like Meek Mill, Diddy, and Tierra Whack. Trey Brown is a 13-year-old teen entrepreneur and also CEO of SPERGO. He became quite famous as famous icons like Meek Mill, Diddy and Terra Whack wore his brand in 2018. This teen's journey is quite inspiring. He all started at $178 and now his business became worth $10,000. An investment management firm called Invesco placed his business story on a giant digital billboard in Times square. That's a great journey for any teen. Trey Brown said that their brands are very unique and different and outstanding quality when compared to other entrepreneurial brands. And that's what it make difference. One can see his website online which shows you different brands and unique clothes. When he was asked about his growth Trey Brown said that he will spend all the profits from the previous week to buy this week products. He won't give up in quality.

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