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Teenager Startups - Generation startup how a dubai start up is Tokenising Solar Power

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Hardik Bhatia

Hardik Bhatia, 22, a final-year student entrepreneur from Dubai, SolarGridX

Hardik Bhatia
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Entrepreneur Name: Hardik Bhatia, (Age: 22)

Business Name: SolarGridX, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hardik Bhatia, 22, a final-year student entrepreneur at the Dubai branch of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, and two of his college friends, the company is looking to transform the industry. SolarGridX plans to raise $250,000 for its crowdfunding platform, which invests in solar projects in India. Hardik Bhatia is an early investor in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. When asked about business details and plans Hardik said that "Last year, global solar asset financing stood at around $120 billion. Only around $3bn was contributed by the general public. The rest was contributed by big corporations or the government, ” He feels that the adoption of solar energy cannot continue without access to a broader range of funding sources. Hardik bhati along with his two friends established SolarGridX. Hardik is very confident about his project and states that the world will mostly depend on solar energy after 2023. And mostly places like India which is the second-most populous country in the world need to be purified. Hardik says that this one better idea suits to the present situation.

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