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Teenager Startups - Teenage charity founder Keeley Murphy wins prestigious Diana Award

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Keeley Murphy

Ballan teen entrepreneur Keeley Murphy wins prestigious Diana Award

Keeley Murphy
Image Credit: The Courier

Entrepreneur Name: Keeley Murphy, (Age: 16)

Business Name: Charity Keeley's Cause, Ballan, Victoria, Australia

Keeley has been recognized 'for going above and beyond in her daily life to create and sustain positive change'. Teen entrepreneur Keeley Murphy is the founder of Teenage charity. Keeley's Cause provides iPads to children with autism and an intellectual disability, enabling them to personalise their education and improve their communication and interaction. Keeley is a 16-year-old Australian recipient for the United Kingdom-based awards. She named the charity as Keeley's Cause at an age of 13. That makes you think. Keeley made this as a charity and distributed iPads for children diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. Keeley said that they distributed 100 iPads worth $60,000. She said that she made the money from various sources like a business, doing works and fundraising. Keeley is the "change-maker" that this generation kid should learn about her ideas and work on them. Keeley's cause founder shared an incident where a boy's parent showed them the result of his son after receiving an iPad. she said that The boy's result is very good and he could able to identify the pictures through them and able to talk through it. Keeley said that this is an initiative that she wanted to do something good for children like her.

Source (The Courier):

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