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Teenager Startups - Sankarsh Chandra startup Savart from Hyderabad, India helps in investment advisory

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Sankarsh Chanda - Teenage Entrepreneur - SVOBODHA INFINITY PRIVATE LIMITED

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Sankarsh Chanda

Sankarsh Chanda, 21, founder of investment research and advisory firm

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Sankarsh Chanda, Founder

Image of Yashika KhuranaBy Yashika Khurana and Mary Olson

Sankarsh Chanda  Savart.inHyderabad, Telangana, India. April 26, 2020. The American business magnate Warren Buffet rightly said, "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." Buffet's quote is the essence of Sankarsh Chanda's storied journey as a young entrepreneur. Our story is about the motivation and growth of the CEO of Savart from Hyderabad, India. 

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Chanda always wanted to engage in things he loved. At age fourteen developed a very strong interest in equity markets and investment. He followed his passion, and it led him to the grail of financial technology. By 2017, he had developed a high-performing wealth management app. 

Setting up his own company was never among Sankarsh's initial career plans. Still, as the journey progressed, he realized the importance of having a clear vision. Since then, he has never looked back. 

Sankarsh's brainchild, Savart, was launched in 2017. The Company helps people achieve their financial goals by making smart investments. It provides world-class research & advisory services for stocks, mutual funds & debt investments. The principal offering is risk profiling. The Company's unique emotional, financial, and general analysis (EFG), provides specially curated services tailored to the client's responses to the application.

The company reviews customers' existing portfolios and provides financial planning. A customer is supported from the very first step toward building a portfolio of high-quality securities. Asset allocation is as important as selecting the right securities. This is the purveyance of Savart's AI systems and team input.

Since the markets are dynamic, it is essential to schedule systematic reviews of the investments and make the necessary adjustments when required. The company does not make too many changes to the portfolio to keep the churn and costs always low. Sankarsh Chanda

Selling decisions at Savart are as important as buying. The company is disciplined about emotional choices. The systems and experts consider the client's personal financial goals, needs & the market, company dynamics to make informed and systematic withdrawals.  

When we asked Sankarsh about the key differentiators of the business, he described a plethora of features like affordable pricing, service quality, zero conflict of interest, state-of-the-art technology, and niche customer segment, all of which produce the company's value proposition.

Sankarsh described the challenges he has faced. He said, "We have faced several challenges throughout our roadmap from start-up to today. The only constant in our business has been our commitment to give the best experience to our clients." Sankarsh's dedication and loyalty towards the customers attract a large number of clients who instill their trust in his business. He is currently working on multiple investment products for investors in India and the U.S.A, including private funds and specialty research products for corporates as well. Most of the company's plans are expected to materialize by 2023.

He is aiming to create INR 100 Cr. for the shareholders, investors and launch the automated research platform by the end of this year. Client satisfaction is Sankarsh's top priority and his most valued recognition too. Whenever he feels disillusioned, he reflects and realizes that he started his journey with a higher purpose. Sankarsh's long term goals are to continue growing his knowledge in the field of investments and to be a steward of an ethical enterprise.

Sankarsh also told us that his most significant achievement is realizing the goal that every client, from a daily wage labourer, to multi-millionaires with the same kind of product. Sankarsh's dedication has been rewarded with multiple awards. Awards include T20 Starpreneur of the year, SMC Startup Pitch Award, and the Startup Master Class Award. He and has also been recognized by many media platforms.  

Sankarsh ChandaHe shared some mistakes he made as a teenage entrepreneur. He compromised on scaling the team initially but later realized that team is a critical business asset. Soon, he started building the team, and it has paid off in the company's performance. 

Sankarsh is fortunate for the mentorship of Ajay Batra, an active contributor to the Indian startup ecosystem and the Director of The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bennett University. Mr. Batra has a complete understanding of Savart's dream and been a generous guide to the market, client relationships, and team building.

He absolutely loves his job. He said, "When you love the work you do, time simply flies by. In fact, I have a hard time knowing the day of the week because I work through the weekend too. I notice the difference on a Sunday morning when my team members don't show up!"

When he is not at work, Sankarsh can be found playing the piano, reading books, and watching movies. He is currently reading the title 'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike.

When we asked Sankarsh to share providing valuable tips for the budding teenage entrepreneurs, he said, "The single most important message to my fellow entrepreneurs would be to believe in themselves and stay committed to whatever they are building. It is also important to understand that passion is a key element for success throughout the journey. A strong combination of passion, commitment, and innovation will ensure that one can make a unique place for themselves."

"I also believe patience is very crucial irrespective of the domain of work. It is a key trait to survive the intense journey of being an entrepreneur. On the contrary, I also believe that it is difficult to pinpoint specific traits, especially because I have seen so many successful people who do not tick some of the above boxes. So, I guess being original is equally important."   

These words aren't merely words. This is undoubtedly a wholesome context for all the aspiring entrepreneurs,

Sankarsh believed in his dream and doing it magnificently well, so you can do it too!

Yashika Khurana is our Lead Contributing Writer. She is pursuing her BTech in Computer Science from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology. Mary is Chief Editor of Media Group and Advisor Teenager Startups. She is a pioneer of high-value branding, media, marketing, & tech-driven businesses.

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We are creating a new interconnected world for teenage entrepreneurs to network with fellow members, cultivate innovations, apply for funding, access entrepreneurship education, join local chapters, share expertise, and solve challenges, and more. We are super excited about young entrepreneurs who are applying solutions to real-world problems, producing thriving businesses, and pivoting the world to the future.

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