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Teenager Startups - Teenage prodigy ProSingh is the founder of InstaEasy

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Parwinder Singh - Teenage Entrepreneur - InstaEasy

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Parwinder Singh

ProSingh’s Peregrination

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Parwinder Singh, Founder

Image of Yashika KhuranaBy Yashika Khurana

This story is about yet another whizz-kid who toyed with his visions and crafted them into products. The center of our story is an 18-year-old entrepreneur- Parwinder Singh aka ProSingh. Mr. Singh hails from Punjab and currently resides in Pune, India. The 12th grader is the founder of mushrooming marketing software for Instagram, namely- InstaEasy LLC. He has been jostling to earn a big name in the very competitive digital marketing arena for about two years now, making “ age is just a number” things look more concrete. 

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Mr. Singh’s brainchild-InstaEasy is an automation tool that has mass engagement with the targeted audience to procure exposure and yield constructive results for the users. When we asked Mr. Singh about the key differentiators of the business, he aptly pointed out to the fact that social media marketing companies charge a hefty amount for small growth offers and generally keep the poignant hacks of growth a secret to mint profits. He keenly observed the industrial demand and started programming to curate simple web applications that would successfully like, follow, and comment on one’s behalf, offering 24*7 Instagram automation support in a safe and secure interface.

InstaEasy guarantees 100% safety which makes it different from the other market fellows who put it at stake for the sake of growth. What makesInstaEasy Logothis product stand out are the premium automation tools that only a few have access to, after Instagram’s ban on automation, making it all the more exclusive. InstaEasy comes with a promise of fetching instant results. Within a few hours of purchasing the product for prices ranging from $19.99/month -$199/month, the users receive increasing profile visitors and proliferating traffic from the web while they chill and relax. InstaEasy claims to provide personal assistance which no other automation tool has ever offered before. When we asked ProSingh about the reason behind him choosing the untrodden road, he said that he started learning at an early age of 13 and his curiosity always drove him to learn new things. When he started this venture, he had no investment but he rigidly held the belief that he wanted to assist people with his skills and wanted to stand strong on his feet. In India, students do not generally pick up unexplored paths of entrepreneurship, with storms existing in every other corner. But he had a strong head to go down unexplored lanes.ProSingh

Winds went gusty in Parwinder’s journey too. Multi-tasking was a great challenge for him. He learned marketing, programming, and hosting while studying for his school. He did a great job at it and topped his class 11th. He believed in himself in the tempestuous weather and his self-belief sailed him through. He had no financial support and amidst all these challenges that life threw at him, he fortified himself and emerged stronger with his focus and determination.

Mr. Singh believes that books can be a great source of inspiration, especially when one is embarking on a solo journey. He supports his business with the profit earned and has never received any sort of external investment. He plans to pitch his business by concentrating on marketing and helping people more with the unique services to take advantage of promotion via the word of mouth, which is still an unmatchable tool of scaling up. InstaEasy is proliferating with over $12,500+ earned and 300+ clients welcomed this year.

Mr. Singh clings to the virtues of life and believes that his biggest achievement is the happiness of his clients. He feels immense pride in helping people grow their business. He feels that InstaEasy has given him more than what he expected. Apart from the money quotient, it has given him many more precious presents in the shape of entrepreneurial experience that has made him grow throughthe journey and that is what matters the most. When we asked Parwinder what keeps him buckled up on the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, he said, “The curiosity of what my future holds for me and my startup always keep me going. Over the years I have learned that hard work pays you back so just keep doing it. Keep your head down, focus on work, be patient, and never give up.” These are not merely words, these are jewels of life that must be preserved for a successful career, in all walks of life.

ProSingh chases no big awards. He wants people to remember him for the good and wants to change their lives for the better and he hustles each day to get there. He has also shared some invaluable tips for budding entrepreneurs. In his words, “ When the Young People Start working they Face a lot of Problems like Peer Pressure, lack of Support from Others including even their Family, and Financial Problems. Especially if you are From a Developing Country then, the problems would be more for you. Even the Society will try to stop achieving something at a Young Age. But Always Remember “ Humans limit is Decided by their Mind”, no matter how much anyone tries to Stop You but never give up and Keep Moving Forward. A lot of People and Problems will come to Stop You but Never Give Up on Yourself or Your future. We are living in the 21 Century now. Anyone can learn anything just by sitting at home. Create his future just using the device in his hand. We are in theMagical world (Internet Era )with a wand in our hands ( Smart Phone ) which we don’t use to grow ourselves but let them control us. Just take control of your wand, learn new skills, and trust our life will become like magic where everything you wished is coming true just with a swing of the wand.” This advice is immaculate indeed.

ProSingh’s favorite quote is “Life is all about Darkness and our Journey to the Illumination.”  He seeks motivation from Gary Vee. Google and YouTube are his mentors. He loves to learn about space and history. His family and the people he loves get him up every morning to start fresh and make a move to reach his goal. He does not believe in the conventional way of becoming one thing in the future, He desires to become a writer, entrepreneur, teacher, and wants to work for others. His current read is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. He has read the book about ten times and still believes that there is still a lot he can learn from it. With all the hardworking and perseverance, ProSingh definitely puts the pro in prodigy.


Yashika Khurana is our lead contributing writer. She is pursuing her B.Tech degree from Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology, Delhi,India.

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We are creating a new interconnected world for teenage entrepreneurs to network with fellow members, cultivate innovations, apply for funding, access entrepreneurship education, join local chapters, share expertise, and solve challenges, and more. We are super excited about young entrepreneurs who are applying solutions to real-world problems, producing thriving businesses, and pivoting the world to the future.

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