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Teenager Startups - 13 year teenpreneur Arianna Fox Milford Delaware is successful author

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Arianna Fox - Teenage Entrepreneur - Big Ideas Kid Coaching

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Arianna Fox

Arianna Fox, Young Inspiring Author

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Arianna Fox, Founder
Big Ideas Kid Coaching

Image of Abhishek KumarBy Abhishek Kumar and Mary Olson

Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid CoachingMilford, DE, USA. February 17, 2020. When most ten year olds were busy with school, homework, games, and enjoying their pre-teenage years, Arianna Fox, knew what she wanted to do in life. She had not just figured it, out but also executed it systematically, at that tender age.

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Arianna, who is thirteen today, is known as a ball of joy and energy all over her region. She is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, actress, and voiceover. Her family inspired her to start her career right away and not wait until she was older to begin the journey of success and inspiring other people. She's one of those multi-talented people who can handle multiple roles all alone. Along with these she also manages the marketing of her own family business, 'SPLASH DESIGNWORKS LLC'. 

When Arianna was younger, she told her parents she would become an author when she grew up. They immediately asked her, “Why when you grow up? Why not start now?”  Arianna firmly believes that no one is too young to succeed and achieve their dreams. Ever since she was young, she always had a passion to help and inspire others. At that time she didn’t knew how to energize people, all she knew was she wanted to motivate them. 

Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid Coaching PictureWhen her parents asked about becoming a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur, she immediately said “YES!” And with this yes she began her entrepreneurial journey and her venture kickstarted. When Arianna was asked what inspired the name of her venture, she enthusiastically replied, "The name “Big Ideas Kid Coaching,” which is the name of my company, was inspired by the idea of giving kids, teens, and youth big ideas and coaching them to be successful."

The Delaware based, Big Ideas Kid Coaching was created three years ago to inspire teens, youth, and young adults to succeed, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals. Customers can book Arianna to speak at events and inspire people of all age groups with her thought-provoking and impactful speaking skills. The business was bootstrapped by Arianna and her family without any external financing, although they're open to any kinds of entrepreneurial funding. For last few years, Arianna has been spreading hope, inspiring youth and boosting people's self-confidence. According to Arianna, "My ultimate goal is not to become famous, but to motivate others. So as long as I reach that goal, I am content.."

We asked Arianna, "What are the key differentiators of your business?" She responded, "Most motivational or inspirational speakers that speak to youth are adults – and while they are awesome and powerful, teenagers and youth don’t relate to adults the same way they relate to and look up to other teens. Young people are inspired by seeing other young people succeed and achieve their dreams – and that motivates them to succeed and achieve their dreams. There are so many negative influences in this world; it is good for young people to see a positive role model."

Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid Coaching - LogoAs per Arianna, the biggest challenge she faced was to find venues that will book her for speaking events. She adds, "Here in Delaware, it’s all about knowing the right people and the right connections that will launch you into success. However, if you don’t know the right people or connections, then no one will book you to speak.” As far as overcoming it is concerned, they are working to overcome that by developing a strong social media presence and by having a speaking agent that will connect them with the right people so that they can succeed – and inspire others to achieve, as well.

While talking about the trajectory of her business, Arianna said, "Ever since the start of Big Ideas Kid Coaching, the company has significantly grown – especially with book sales and developing brand awareness on social media. The social media follower/like rate has definitely increased. " And the latest and biggest achievement according to her is either her most recent event (speaking to around 600 students at Lake Forest High School) or the publishing of her most recent book, 'False Awakening'.

Arianna first started writing at the age of six and hasn't stopped since then. Her first book, a novel, 'The Princess Chronicles: Not Your Average Princesses,' was published in 2017.  It teaches young children how to build character, confidence, and to create lasting friendships. Her latest book, a young adult novel titled ‘False Awakening,' has been published and is a popular item right now. She is working on her next book, 'Sabre Black.' And her next goal is to become a best-seller, which will elevate her to the best-selling authors club.

Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid Coaching Speaker PictureOn being asked if she ever felt like giving all this up, Arianna replied, "Indeed! Several times I have felt like giving up my speaking and entrepreneurship aspect of what I do and only continuing writing books. However, with the amazing support of my parents and the motivation of inspiring people, I still pushed forward, and I am so glad I never gave up. As I always say in my speaking events, “You Only Fail if You Give Up.”

According to her, what keeps her seated in the ride of entrepreneurship is energizing people and touching their lives. Recognizing the difficult tracks and just the idea of changing people’s lives excites her and helps her focus on succeeding. Just like Arianna says, “Shine. Shine a light. Light a spark. Spark a fire.”

She plans to scale her business up in the future by promoting as much as possible and being open for external fundings. She also looks forward to leaving positive impact on more people's lives through her words and interactions.

Arianna tells us that her parents are her advisors and mentors. They help her with some content and a lot of the delivery of her speaking events. They also help her to edit her books and stories, and they also help her with delivery on acting monologues, as she is a performer. She adds, "Aside from that, they are also my number one supporters and I am incredibly grateful.”

Her role model, aside from her amazing, supportive parents, is Kid President for his awesome motivation, inspiration, and entrepreneurship, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his awesome “work hard and hustle” mindset. And her favorite quote comes from her favorite The Dwayne Johnson, “Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.”

Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid Coaching SpeakerArianna Fox has been honored by various awards, including two by the Delaware Press Association (D.P.A.), one national award by the National Federation of Press Women (N.F.P.W.), and another award by A.C.H.I. Magazine Awards. She has also been featured in many magazines, blogs, and Instagram accounts, as well (including Blooming Sunshine Blog, Teen Ideas Matter, P.U.R.E. Girls, Inc., Disney’s Babble, and more).

With her fantastic speaking style and her ability to engage audiences of all ages, Arianna has been able to raise her platform from her humble hometown in Delaware to a wide online network.

This is what the people who've worked with her say about her, “..but didn’t expect to be learning so much from someone so young.” “I have never seen a young person at her age, speak, and hold the interest of those around her.” “When it comes to talent and professionalism, Arianna is light years ahead of your average Tween.”

While concluding, we asked her if she has any tips for the budding teenage entrepreneurs. She said, "One of my biggest tips is that you are never too young to succeed and to start now. If you’re thinking about what you want to be when you grow up, change that to what you want to be now. Why start later when you can start now?"
Additional Insights:
Arianna Fox - Big Ideas Kid Coaching AuthorArianna continues to “wow” others with her ability to connect, help, and interact. The next Kidpreneur in the making, Arianna is currently writing a book, speaking, and participating in many events to help others.

Her focus recently has been on speaking and influencing others, especially those that are interested in succeeding. She is gearing up to make an impact in the lives of children and youth, while at the same time empowering adults – all to strive to succeed and reach their fullest potential. 


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Abhishek Kumar is a valued member of the Media Group at Teenager Startups. He is a cheerful person and a 19-year old student keen on learning and growing. As a media coordinator and writer, Abhishek has contributed his second byline story about Arianna Fox, Founder, Big Ideas Kid Coaching

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