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Teenager Startups - This 16-year-old entrepreneur started his own business during lockdown

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Jacob Colledge

The 16-year-old from Basford started his own garden maintenance business

Jacob Colledge
Image Credit: stokesentinel

Entrepreneur Name: Jacob Colledge, (Age: 16)

Business Name: J Colledge Services, Basford, Nottingham, England

Jacob a 16-year-old teen started his own garden maintenance business. His parents, bus driver Simon and optician Gillian, drop him off at some of his jobs but he cycles to others, transporting his lawnmower and other equipment in a specially purchased bike trailer.

What does he do? Jacob offers services like weeding, lawn mowing, fence and sheds painting and planting. He also does deliveries on his vehicle himself. Jacob said that his family is proud of him and help by taking him to some of his jobs when they're able to. He had customers who have been surprised when he had turned up and they've realised his age, but they've been happy to let him do the job. Jacob just finished his GCSE year at Chesterton Community Sports College. Like we know where the dream lives, you live there. Jacob loves gardening. He said he enjoys doing gardening at home, which made him think that he might be able to do it as a business. He also has plenty of time on my hands at the moment so decided to give it a go. He's applied to study horticulture and landscaping at Reaseheath College and also business studies, law and geography A levels at Newcastle College but says he hasn't decided which route to take yet.

The 16-year-old from Basford has started his own garden maintenance business and has clients across Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle. You will get to know more about Jacob's business and his entrepreneurship in social media through Facebook and other platforms.

Source (stokesentinel):

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