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Teenivo Partners with Shree Saraswati Education Trust to Launch Student Entrepreneur Education Curriculum in Oct. 2020

Aug. 2, 2020, 8:46 a.m.

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Waterloo, On, Canada, August 02, 2020- Teenivo Incorporated, the immersive social enterprise for teen entrepreneurs, is headquartered in Waterloo, ON, Canada, and guided by Roshan Shah, Director of the Board, and Acting CTO. Shah is a noted entrepreneur and a pre-eminent business and technology futurist providing tech solutions to startups, corporations, and including global networks.

Shah says, “The future of the world is in the hands of the next generation born in the new millennium. We care about the future of teens and want them to succeed.Teen start-ups create jobs, and entrepreneurs drive economies. Teenivo’s plan is a master blueprint for animmersive media and education enterprise. We have launched a Web and mobile platform that connects pre-teens and teen entrepreneurs worldwide with educators. 

Teenivo Education welcomes its newest partner in India,the Shree Saraswati Education Trust, in Halol, Gujarat, India. Together, the organizations have committed to making entrepreneurship courseware available for students at the Trust School.

Shree Saraswati Education Trust, from Ahmedabad, India, confirmed that 2305 students would participate in Teenivo Education’s curriculum starting in October of 2020. Udhyam aims to co-create social interventions that build entrepreneurial mindsets in people. Together the companies provide education to provide meaningful livelihood options for the young and productive.

Teenivo Education will provide an initial model for the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum for ages 7 to 10 and can be used from Grade 3 onwards.  Shree Saraswati Education Trust will make faculty available as it enrolls students in the app. In addition, a local chapter will make the curriculum available to individual students for one-on-one programs.

Success stories will be published by Teenivo Education’s sister company, Teenager Startups with the consent of parents as featured on the website and the quarterly E-zine.

As the curriculum expands, the range of students will be added from ages 11-19. The student population is 2.305 students with 692 students in English Medium and Gujarati Medium with 1.613 students.

The Teenivo curriculum promises to provide benefits of a teen entrepreneurship culture in Gujarat through academic advancement. It is well-understood throughout the Western world that entrepreneurism generates more jobs and economic advancement than any other business model. Teenivo Education and the Shree Saraswati Education Trust, are pleased to work together to shape the future of teens.

Teenivo Incorporated’s portfolio includes Web and app capabilities for Teenivo Education. Teenivo is envisioned as the de-facto global platform for teen entrepreneurship and students. It provides essential resources for engaging a knowledgeable, interconnected worldwide community with contextual AI-based academic resources.

Teenivo Education’s model is an online tool that teaches youths how to transform their creative mindsets into businesses. They learn to write business plans and continuously grow new business knowledge with instructor-led and self-paced certified courses. The courses prepare students for opportunities with professional mentorships and investor engagements.

Roshan Shah says, “In 2000, I was running NetVision Training Center in Maninagar. My Center Manager was 10th pass, but his Java and Teaching skills were great. I always look for passion and skills. Degrees don’t matter to me. I have always continued to support honest, hardworking, bold, sincere individuals who want to change the world.”

The Enterprise’s media companion to Teenivo Education is Teenager Startups. Multi-media is accessed from and viewed on the Teenivo app.  Signature content is available on multiple channels from throughout and social media, including featured stories and audio transcriptions, video interviews, podcasts, blogs, curated news, and the quarterly E-zine. aims to be the largest repository of pre-teens and teen entrepreneurship stories and media content worldwide.

Diversity is showcased at and exemplifies an inclusive setting for creative mindsets. Entrepreneurism is for all kids with an aptitude for entrepreneurism and solving problems.  The company supports all pre-teens and teens who apply solutions to real-world problems, produce thriving businesses, and pivot the world to the future.

Teenivo Education is headed by Vivian Johnson, Ph.D., Dr. Johnson is a leading teacher and master, and doctorate-level advisor in the U.S. Vivian also Fulbright scholar, is skilled in STEM, educational technology, instructional design, research design, and service-learning. Responsible for entrepreneurship curriculum programming as the head of Teenivo Education.

Teenivo’s list of industry “firsts” also includes Teengels (Angel investors for teen businesses), a Student Corporation Model, and a teen Chamber of Commerce. Our Teen Chambers is a “kids version” of a Chamber of Commerce. It is a directory of global teen businesses that also provides government policy guidance and influence.

Teenivo is revolutionizing, connecting, and empowering teenagers globally. The market is vast, with over 3.2 billion pre-teens and teens globally, or 39.4% of the world population. The Company sees an immense interest in entrepreneurship content and education globally. Financial literacy is taking precedence over playing games or watching movies, but generally lacks options in schools.  Parents are concerned about their child’s future, as exemplified in the current COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on schooling.  Parents want to channel kids’ energies in constructive activities, entrepreneurship being one of them.






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Teenivo Incorporated

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Roshan Shah, Director, Acting CEO & CTO
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Key Members:

  • Roshan Shah, Board Director, Acting CTO
  • Aman Shah, Co-founder
  • Sulay Shah, Co-founder, Acting CEO & COO
  • Vivian Johnson, PhD., Education Executive, Teenivo Education

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