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Teenivo Incorporated Announces Education Advisor Appointment

June 22, 2020, 9:43 p.m.

Posted By: Teen Admin

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Waterloo, ON, CA, June 23, 2020—Teenivo Incorporated, the immersive social enterprise platform for teen entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce Vivian Johnson, Ph.D., the newly assigned corporate education advisor. “Vivian brings a wealth of experience and leadership in the education field. She will be a tremendous asset to further our mission to empower the future of teen entrepreneurship as she leads our global education programs,” says Sulay Shah, Co-founder, Acting CEO, and CFO.

Teenivo, a Canadian corporation with business, technology, and media teams in the U.S., and India, is an immersive social enterprise platform that connects and educates pre-teen and teen entrepreneurs and students to empower their future.

Teenivo Education is a pillar in the structure of Teenivo Incorporated. Education programming is facilitated by the Teenivo Social Enterprise App, where students enroll in accredited academic courses and access scholarships, Teengels (Angel investors for teenage startups), mentors, advisors, and internships.

Teenivo Education is supported by Teenivo Media (, Teenivo Local City Chapters, Outreach Partnerships for school and government programs, Teen Chamber (of Commerce), Teen Chapters (local grassroots education management), and Teengels. Funding for Teenivo Education is provided by governments, universities, individuals, and corporate sponsors.

The Teenivo technology group is currently creating the first social enterprise app education courses under the guidance and management of Dr. Johnson. Teenivo Education is partnering with governments and universities with the breakthrough enterprise app.

Vivian Johnson, Ph.D., is a highly regarded teacher and graduate (masters and doctorate) adviser. She is skilled in STEM, educational technology, instructional design, research design, and service-learning. She is a strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Education Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to her role as Advisor to Teenivo Incorporated, Vivian assumes the role of Education Executive to guide and facilitate Teenivo Education to innovate entrepreneurship learning, including the development of fully online programs.

Vivian is a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship for high achievement in education. She recently retired from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she taught graduate courses in the MAED and EdD programs. She also served as Associate Dean School of Education for several years.

Teenivo Education evolved to support the world’s largest population group, of 3.1 billion pre-teens and teens that face complex challenges as they struggle with how their future will unfold. School systems are in decline. Kids face a lack of options in the school curriculum or government support or local support as well. Automation and lack of job security are primary causes of job losses for teens. Financial literacy competes with playing games. Research shows that parents want to channel kids’ energies in constructive activities, including entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, Teenivo solves the lack of a global platform with rich media content and entrepreneurship education for kids.

Teenivo Incorporated is growing quickly as the de-facto local and global immersive social, media, education, and government enterprise platform that provides essential resources to increase student startups and engage those passionate about the future of our kids. The launch of the social enterprise app is underway.

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Aman Shah, Co-founder, Tel: 226-666-9400, [email protected].

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