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How to Advertise Locally as a Teenage Entrepreneur

Tanishka Khokhar  |  Jan. 1, 2021, 11:16 p.m.

When planning to start a business as a teenage entrepreneur, there are countless obstacles that hinder you and your business’ growth in the marketone of many being the limited resources available to advertise your product. Now, the ways in which you can not only keep cash in your pocket but also put your business idea on the table, are few, taking into consideration the growing competition in the commerce industry. 

Here’s how you can start growing your business locally, right now!


One of the easiest methods to not only furnish your internal trade but also market your products and ideas is to involve those around you, whether it be your family or your friends. 

It’s a close thread between self-financing and issuing funds from the public (considering all the technicalities) but it gets the work done for the newest businesses that have just stepped foot in past the door. Through the sources of these resources, you can start your business to a good start. 


If your business idea is more along the professional lines and your product is ready (and only funds away from being completed), startup incubators are the best place to start your business with.

Startup incubators not only allow you to build your own community surrounding your business by interacting with other competitors, but also fund your requirements and help you every step of the way. Some startup incubators are IIT-Bombay Cell and the MIT LaunchX International High School Startups Competition amongst many others.


Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram may seem a bit far-fetched for a business especially when it’s only starting but it’s important to realize how important it is to put your product out there. Social media only helps expand your reach as one client tells another and your business is within the reach of everyone. 

It drags more of an audience since social media is an easy platform to coerce people into viewing your products. It's a perfect tool that can be creatively catered to attract the right audience toward your product and bring more limelight towards your brand.


Creating your own website is amongst the very first steps of creating your business and if you haven’t already created one, get started now!

Websites help sell your product better and can provide a great means to explain your motive altogether alongside the features of your product. Websites, when paired with other social media, show your clients that you’re a firm ready to do business and expand your market. 


Opening your own school club is a tedious job, but joining one that not only furnishes your skills as an entrepreneur but also provides you with a platform to interact with the students and teachers, thus giving you an opportunity to advertise your firm to them. 

Different organizations are willing to invest money and time into your business if your idea is appealing enough and your aim aligns with theirs. This particularly pays off when the main objective is social service, as in the case of Shaurya Sinha’s SpectraVerse. 

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