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Formula For A Successful Startup Team

Reshma Kanase  |  Jan. 26, 2021, 3:22 a.m.

The success of an enterprise depends on various factors such as the prototype, capital invested, target market and the team. 

No enterprise is driven by an entrepreneur alone, the success of the enterprise depends not only on the entrepreneur's efforts but also on efforts of every individual in the team. A team which can follow the vision of the founder and works cooperatively towards the same goal makes a startup successful.

Therefore forming the good team is crucial to any successful startup. An entrepreneur should have a strong core team which will take all efforts for the best execution of the company’s vision.

What is a team?

A group of people committing an enterprise's future and success and work interdependently towards common goals.

So here are the few qualities a team member of a startup should have to make the startup successful :

1.Communication :

Along with hard skills, every team member should have soft skills, so that no issues arise among the team members because of improper communication, which would end up affecting the enterprise.

2.Cooperative :

All the members should work cooperatively. A stubborn person, who is unable to understand and accept others opinions and perspectives, can mess the moods of others too. Because if team members don't communicate efficiently and it leads to bad team dynamics and ends up messing up things.

3. Passion :

To get the most out of the team, the team should be passionate enough to work for the enterprise, in any worse or the most unexpected times.

4.Integrity :

Every individual of a team should have integrity towards his job, one may not have passion, but the integrity and responsibility to give his best is the trait one should have at a workplace.

5.Believe :

The team members should believe the founder's vision, and trust the founder.

Shared entrepreneurial passion and vision help to get to superior team performance of the team.

These are the few qualities that every individual of a startup team should have to make the startup successful. Since a  good resume is not enough to tell the success rate of a venture. Rather, knowledge, skills, and most importantly the passion of every employee is equally important for succeeding as a new venture. Also, if team members share their knowledge and have a common vision for the company, it will take the company to greater heights in no time.

Every successful startup team is an example of good team. A good team with constant combined efforts of the number of people leads a startup to success.



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