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Kartihikeya Meesala  |  Oct. 23, 2020, 12:03 p.m.
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What is a resume? Why young entrepreneurs like you need a resume? They are numerous reasons why you need one. A resume is a structured document that includes an outline of your professional credentials, including your related job experience, expertise, education, and noteworthy achievements. Typically combined with a cover letter, a resume lets you show your skills. When it comes to impressing an investor, a Resume/CV plays a vital role. When you are pitching your idea to an investor, he might be excited to know that you have M.B.A from Stanford University. This will definitely help you raise more funds for your startup. The resume shows your credibility and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with your investors. 

As an entrepreneur, what things you should include in your Resume? Here is the list of things that you must include :

1. Contact details 
Your first and last name, phone number, and email address are to be included. In addition, if your LinkedIn Profile is up to date, and your mailing address, you can add it.

2. Introduction
Your educational experience and primary credentials are a succinct summary. Your presentation may be in the form of a review of the resume, career profile, purpose of the resume, or review of qualifications.

3. Educational background
Include your school names, maximum degree earned, majors, and minors. moreover, you could add your GPA (if it’s more than 3.8) and applicable coursework in case you lack experience or it’s associated with the placement.

4. Work experience
Being a young entrepreneur, you may not have enough experience but try to include all the relevant internships you did. List your current or most recent work. 

5. Achievements and Awards 
This part of your resume will certainly assist you in impressing the investor. Therefore, include all the accomplishments and awards that you have won.

6. Relevant skills
Include any resume abilities that you have that are relevant to the role. To show that you're a well-rounded candidate, be sure to use a strong mix of hard skills and soft skills.

Therefore, you will need an awesome tool to create the best resume. Resumonk is the online resume builder that helps you to build winning resumes. The Resumonk provides you a simple and elegant user interface through which you can create your resume in just 10 minutes. This online resume builder also provides you free templates. If you opt for a premium plan or Lifetime access plan, You will get to use multiple premium templates and can create multiple resumes. Here's how you can use Resumonk to build your resume.

1. After signing up for an account on, this web page will appear. Once you click the "create your first resume (or) create a new resume" button, you will be redirected to another webpage.

2. On this page, you need to enter the necessary information to build your resume. In the first section "edit resume", you can add contact information, summary, education, skills, experience and you can another section if you want.

3. In the second section "Add cover letter", you can include a cover letter to your resume. You can also mention the date, employer contact information, subject, details, signature and enclosure.

4. In the third section "Preview & Download", you can choose a template, change font styles, and page color. You can download your resume using the "Download" button. It is very easy as it is.

5. Resumonk pricing is as follows: 

6.The best thing is that you can get premium access to Resumonk for one month for free if you invite a friend to use Resumonk.

7. also has an astounding feature i.e. it has its own remote job portal where people can apply for remote jobs.

Teenagerstartups is happy to announce the partnership of Teenivo  and Resumonk. With this partnership, Teenagerstartups will run a  lottery based contest through which teen entrepreneurs can get lifetime premium access (worth 99$) to Resumonk for free. This is a lottery-based contest where one winner a month via transparent draw will get $99 (Premium Plan), online resume builder, from for free. Here's how you can participate in this contest:

Contest Summary:

Contest duration: Six months (from November 2020 to July 2021)
Number of  winners: 9 winners (One winner a month)
Method of selection: Transparent draw
Eligibility to participate: Student Entrepreneur below age 20

There are four options to gain entries to win the contest. They are:

1) Featured Story Submission + Teenivo Signup and Profile creation 50 Entries (Bonanza entry)
2) Only Signup and Profile creation 10 Entries
3) Only Featured Story Submission10 Entries
4) Use Dashboard (either of Teenivo or to Invite friends. For every invite sent you will have 1 entry pending and when your invitee confirms email and phone, you both get 1 entry each.1 Entry

It's time for you to get the new resume with! Register now and get a chance to win free lifetime access to!

Enter the contest by clicking this link

last updated at March 15, 2021, 5:31 a.m. UTC

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